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Guided tours

There are a lot of ways to discover a country and to get to know its unique traditions, people, nature and lifestyle.
Whether you choose to take the journey with ourclassic toursor with ourspecial-interest toursyou are sure to get into touch with the magic and still there is something just for you in each one of them.
So, hereby we would like to reveal to you a small part of this, which in one word we call Bulgaria.

Classic tours

The classic tours are an excellent introduction to the most remarkable and well-known landmarks of Bulgaria and are perfect for people who want to experience a new type of holiday, filled with emotions, diversity and something more. You can find this more through a6-daytour,8-daytour or a12-daytour.
Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria, the great town of Veliko Tarnovo, the unique open air- ethnographic museum "Etar", the ancient seaside town of Nessebar, the outstanding Rila Monastery, included in the list of UNESCO monuments all these combined with the touch of Bulgarian traditions, customs and national cuisine will enchant you during your first steps into the land called Bulgaria.
Special-interest tours

The special-interest tours will take you in even more interesting places and sites and one will get a deeper knowledge not only of historical and cultural Bulgaria, but also of the spectacular, prominent and traditional Bulgaria and while through the classic tours you will just get a general idea of what Bulgaria is, through the special-interest tours you will have the chance to experience Bulgaria`s lifestyle.

And when we say spectacular, prominent and traditional, here is what we mean:
  • The Bulgarian Folklore and Traditions

    The Bulgarian dance "rachenitza", the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices, the Bulgarian folklore festivals, those who are looking for one unique experience may join us in this spectacular tour, filled with lots of Balkan rhythms, steps, dances, demonstration and participation in Bulgarian traditional crafts.

    Enjoy it!

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  • The Bulgarian Home

    Great hospitality, warmth and cosines ?????? this is what characterizes Bulgarian people and their home. We invite you to see, feel and enjoy all these through 7-day tours, either in the region of the magnificent Balkan Mountains or in the heart of Pirin Mountain and the Rhodopes. During our journey, we will rest in typical Bulgarian houses from the Revival period and we will show you the fascinating mixture of cultures, traditions and modern life.

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  • The Bulgarian Monasteries

    By this 8-day we invite you to take a walk through the past, enjoy the present and make unforgettable memories for the future. You will have the chance to get into touch with the Christian Orthodox religion by visiting some of the most remarkable monasteries of Bulgaria, which have preserved the spirit and the faith of people along the centuries till the present days.
    So, take the journey and take a look at the exquisite old icons, altars and chapels and other world-famous landmarks of Bulgaria, which are included in the journey.
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  • The Nine Bulgarian Wonders Protected by UNESCO

    In the World Heritage list of UNESCO, you can find Bulgaria and there you can read about the 9 natural and cultural Bulgarian sites of universal value included in it.
    Now we invite you to close the book and join us in a 9-day tour, during which all words can be seen, the Boyana Church, the Rila Monastery, the Pirin National Park, the Tracian Tombs of Kazanlak, the ancient town of Nessebar, the Historical-archeological reserve Madara Knight, the Srebarna Biosphere reserve, the Tracian Tomb of Sveshtari and the Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo.
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  • Archeological and Cultural Tour

    A tour through the ancient lands of Bulgaria Perperikon, Starosel and many others, where one still can feel the greatness of the past times. We offer you a mixture of culture and history and a chance to discover more than 13-century old identity. As a crossroad, Bulgaria`s territory has been the witness of the upsurge and the downfall of many civilizations the Thracians, the Slavs, the Romans and we keep the proofs ruins of palaces, cities and sacred places, remains of columns and carved rocks, bronze and iron spears and arrows.
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  • Wine and Dine Tour

    A tour of pleasure and delight, delicious meals of fine tastes and exceptionally quality wines - all this combined with Nature`s beauty, Bulgarian folklore music and dances, culture and art will be a great-life time experience. You just have to try it, so we welcome you to be our guests!
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