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Summer and winter children camps

The summer and winter children camps are organized in some of the most distinguished Bulgarian resorts, in special accommodation sites with all the necessary sport and entertainment facilities. They offer a chance of one different vacation during which the great emotions, the new friends and the absolute fun are guaranteed.

The accommodation is on a full board basis and all children groups are watched by group leaders, teachers and medical personnel, who are at 24-hours disposal.
But let us tell you about the fun, because the great variety of events, competitions, sport and entertainment activities in which the children can participate, is what makes these holidays one unforgettable experience.
Student practices

For the bigger ones, we offer the chance to get to know Bulgaria during our summer student practices in the fields of Archeology, Ecology and Ethnography. These practices are organized in the form of guided tours, led by professional university representatives and they combine the useful with the pleasant.


For more details and prices - please contact us at bitravel@einet.bg

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